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The Great Train Robbery was the 20th century's most breath-taking crime. Fifteen small-time crooks absconded with £2.6 million from the Glasgow-London mail train as it passed through Buckinghamshire - then holed up at Letherslade Farm to play Monopoly with real money.

Forty years later, names like Ronnie Biggs, ' Buster' Edwards and 'Slipper of the Yard' still evoke the spirit of the sixties and make today's news.

This fast-paced history uses trial records from The National Archives to separate myth from reality, telling the story from the viewpoints of those involved - robbers, associates, witnesses and police, as well as the train drivers who suffered a terrifying ordeal.

It reveals how a well-laid plan was undone by an anonymous tip-off, as well as mistakes like fingerprint evidence, and describes the major investigation that went worldwide when Biggs, Wilson and Edwards escaped.

The story concludes with a look at the big questions: were there three other robbers, never identified, and what became of the crooks and the bulk of the money?

Contents: Introduction - The heist of the century 1. At Motleys Crew 2. At Sears Crossing 3. Farm hideaway 4. Game over 5. The crooks' fate Sources and Reading, Index

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The Great Train Robbery