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I'm working on the seventh Nick and Bridget novel Look Back In Agra. (I know, I know.)
On this page are links to the first six in the series. Enjoy those but watch out for preview excerpts from the seventh soon.

The first five novels in the series, originally published by Headline, are officially sold out in the UK. You can still get them via the internet but they're hard to find in British bookshops. However, my great US publisher, Speck Press, has produced four new paperback editions in America - No Laughing Matter, A Ghost of A Chance, Two To Tango and The Once and Future Con - which are imported back into the UK. Details of Speck Press on

Here are some reviews of the series:


"The funniest crime novel of the year" Publishing News

"Jokes are delivered with the speed and accuracy of a gatling gun" The Telegraph

"Sparkling volleys of one-liners - Romping good stuff" Daily Mail

"Brilliant one-liners, lightning action, lots of suspense and very funny - self-deprecating Nick Madrid is fast becoming my favourite hero" Good Housekeeping

"Few British crimewriters can match the outrageousness of their American counterparts but Peter Guttridge is well on his way - the satire is spot on." The Guardian

"Guttridge has demonstrated that he has precisely the kind of mordant wit and cold-eyed social observation to make his Nick Madrid mysteries de rigueur reading. The dialogue glitters with the sheen of a Billy Wilder screenplay and the plotting has a machine like precision that holds the reader with a glittering eye" The Good Book Guide


"Bringing intelligence and caustic wit to the hard-boiled genre has always been Guttridge's speciality" The Times

"Wacky, hilarious, a great read," Minette Walters

"Has a lot of fun with the traditional English whodunit...I enjoyed the book immensely" Ian Rankin

"Made me laugh out loud and wince in sympathy both at the violence and the humiliation meted out to the narrator...enormous fun" Val McDermid

"A fast moving, laugh-a-line frolic...we gasp with amazement, excitement and amusement" Reginald Hill

"Guttridge writes like he's been smoking dodgy ectoplasm. This is a brilliant, devil-may-care-so-don't-let-him-catch-you romp through the dark side" Peter James

"Great fun. A comedy thriller with the quick-fire patter of a stand-up gig and twists enough to keep you guessing to the end" Deborah Moggach

"Original and highly readable...But a word of warning: never let this man house-sit if you value your pets" Lynne Truss


"Guttridge's series is among the funniest and sharpest in the genre, with a level of intelligence often lacking in better-known fare." Baltimore Sun

"[The] Nick Madrid mysteries are nothing if not addictively, insanely entertaining - but what's really important is the mix of good suspense, fast-and-furious one-liners and impeccable slapstick." Ruminator

"Peter Guttridge is off to a rousing start - a serious contender in the mystery genre." Chicago Tribune

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